Designer - Joey Man


Joey Man, (3littlelamb), a Hong Kong graphic designer and illustrator, now works as a graphic designer at PandaHatCom and DoggoFashion.


She graduated from Hong Kong Baptist University, majoring in cinema and television in school of communication. She obtained the Diploma in Creative Cross-Media Illustration & Digital Drawing Techniques, organized by Hong Kong Productivity Council and Hong Kong Society of Illustrators.


She is the associate member of the Hong Kong Society of illustrators and enjoys in all kinds of creative activities.


She loves to create some childish girls who look a bit weird. She is now creating a character collection named Rabbit Tooth. She loves to mix the Chinese, Western and old Hong Kong elements in her recent paintings. Sometimes she would like to get rid of her childish feature by creating some models like mature Rabbit Tooth style.  Most of her drawings are very two-dimensional and disproportionately illustrated from a weird perspective. She also likes to turn the characters and illustrations into cloth handicrafts.